There’s something to be said about the power of nostalgia. More “Bullitt” chase tribute videos and cars have been been springing up in the last decade than ever in the film’s 40-plus years.

Hollywood – now woefully out of ideas – are tapping to childhood cartoons for live action film adaptations. And now toys that we loved and played with as kids are coming to life!

Hot Wheels has been making an Herculean effort to bring their cool custom cars, twisty orange tracks and jumps to full-scale reality, and nowhere is this more evident that with Hot Wheels’ “Twin Mill” hot rod from 1969. Similar to other classic creations like “The Deora” and “The Sizzler,” The Twin Mill is a wild creation of automotive creativity and the real life version is equally as impressive.

The full-sized version is replete with a pair of blown 502cui big block Chevys producing an impressive 1,400 horsepower. The single piece clam shell opens up with electronically-controlled pneumatic rams, the wheelbase is curiously short and nearly open-wheeled, giving us the idea that it’s little more than an enclosed front engine dragster! You gotta check out this cool video!