Check out this cool custom rod from Autoholics/Ride Along with Fireball Tim. “RODriguez” is a very unique 1930 Ford Model A Tudor with an unusual history.

Making a full circle, it was built by Henry Ford in the USA, went overseas to Nagoya, Japan where it received a very unique transformation by Junichi Shimodaira at Paradise Road Kustoms. In 2005, it came back home to Carson, CA. and has won numerous awards and trophies with current owner Chuck Schauwecker.

Unusual custom touches are everywhere on this all-steel car. The naughahyde covered roof has a wedge chop with the front cut down 4″ with the back remaining at stock height. Exterior illumination is fabricated from late-fifties GM turn signal units. The headlights are from a ’59 Caddy and the taillights from a ’58 Chevrolet.

The one-off fenders are hand formed to achieve a floating look. The interior adopts a 60’s Tijuana theme with striped upholstery and very trick custom seat frames. Candy gold paint and wire wheels with whitewall, bias ply tires complete the look.

It’s refreshing to see something so different out there. One click in the wrong direction stylistically and this car could have ended up as a questionable spin on U.S. pop culture. No such missteps here. Ultimately, it works as a revered tribute to all things cool about America, hot rodding and Kustom Kar Kulture. More on Paradise Road from here.

Ride Along 9 ROD RIGUEZ