Earlier this month, StreetMuscleMag’s Michael Harding celebrated the short time span with which Ridetech was nearing completion on their Factory Five, ’33 Ford, “What started out as a standard Factory Five 1933 Ford Street Rod is becoming an example of what you can accomplish with, say, over 400 hours worth of tin work?”

That’s definitely a lot of labor to put into any street rod project within a given time frame, but from what has become so far of the Ford we know that that labor and those 400 some-odd hours have been well worth it. The result has been a massively incredible, 2,300 pound coupe powered by a 630 horse 427 mill with Brodix heads.

But as even Harding makes clear, one of the original intentions behind the ’33 Ford was to be able to whip it through turns and see how it fares under those driving conditions, “The plans are to hit the Goodguys shows and autocross it, and with the custom built suspension…it seems like they should have no trouble throwing this rod around in the turns.”

Today’s featured video proves this theory to be fact, as Ridetech does a few laps at this year’s Goodguys AutoCross event in Nashville, Tennessee.

As predicted, the 427 coupe whips around the slalom with the grace of a modern Mustang, but it also does it with the sheer brute of a raging bull.

Listen as the Ford’s 630 horse mill screams and rips through the orange coned course. Do you think that Ridetech was successful in achieving a balance between power and handling? We sure do!