Video: The HEMI Under Glass Tackles The Goodwood Hill Climb

The famous Hurst HEMI Under Glass came around at the peak of drag racing popularity during the 1960’s. As automakers looked for bolder ways to draw attention to the bevy of powerful sports cars coming out of their factories, the aftermarket looked for ways to peddle products to speed freaks of all kinds.

That was how Hurst came up with the idea for the HEMI Under Glass, a succession of Plymouth Barracudas with the 426 HEMI V8 mounted where the rear seats used to go, under the large glass hatchback.

The result was a legendary car that could rip a wheelie with ease. Bangshift came across this 2007 video of a HEMI Under Glass recreation wheelstanding up the track of the famed Goodwood Festival of Speed.

And before you ask, yes, it is the original driver of the HEMI Under Glass, Bob Riggles, driving this recreation. The original car is in storage somewhere in Southern California, but Riggle has been campaigning his replica all over the world, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Since this hill climb has many twists and turns, Riggle had to slow down at every corner and come down on four wheels. But on each straightaway, Riggle lit up the tires and scrapped the bumper on the ground as he lifted the nose into the air. Even the staid British enjoy the sight and sound of American muscle lifting the front end off the ground, so we’re sure you will too.

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