Video: Viper Powered Buick on the 2012 Power Tour

When it comes to hot rods, some are “pretty” to look at, but really don’t see much road time. However, there’s one event that makes damn well sure that you will be clocking some miles, and that’s the Hot Rod Power Tour. Every year, hundreds of cars hit the road to strut their stuff and stretch their legs. This year, the 2012 road trip took rodders of all makes and models from Motor City Detroit down through Arlington, Texas.

This year, there have been some pretty crazy rides from muscle cars and g-machines, all the way to some insane hot rods with outrageous motor swaps. We came across this Buick Eighty Eight with a full on Viper transplant and boy is it just down right MEAN!

Just check this thing out, and to drive over 1,500 miles for the Power Tour would definitely be a dream come true for any serious car guy. Honestly, we can be conservative and traditional sometimes and say things like “A GM car needs a GM motor, or a Henry Steel needs a Ford motor…” etc. – but let’s not kid ourselves here.

Who wouldn’t be enthralled by mashing the pedal of this beast and not only hearing but feeling every bit of that 900+ horsepower resonate through every bone in your body! This is the perfect example of when it’s ok to break away from “tradition” and do something truly unique.

Definitely, stay tuned on this one, as we can’t wait to catch up with the owner and here how his dream hot rod excursion went.

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