Video: Wish Hollywood Made Car Flicks? Check Out “Deuce of Spades”

Deuces of Spades has to be one of the most amazing movies we have seen in a long time! Everybody remembers Gone in 60 Seconds. We’re talking about the 1974 version. The one Henry B Halicky single-handedly wrote, filmed, and directed by himself. He filmed this movie on a shoestring budget back in 1974, and it was a huge success, even to this day people are amazed at his accomplishments.

Well, it happened again in 2007, Faith Granger has created one of the best car films since American Graffiti. To our amazement she wrote, directed, filmed, and edited her own movie. The “Deuce of Spades” is a hot rodders movie, and it’s destined to be a legend with all the other great car movies we remember. Faith Granger also plays a lead role in the film as the owner of the ’32 Ford, she is the hot rod girl.

The movie is about a woman who finds a 32 Ford roadster in a barn, and while restoring the car, she finds an unopened letter dated back to 1955. Opening that letter was like opening Pandora’s box, it gave her more questions than answers. She was now set on the course to find out the history of her ’32 deuce, and the man behind the mysterious letter, Johnny Callaway.

It’s amazing how this woman put together such a masterpiece! The first time it played opening-night, it received a four-minute standing ovation from the audience! We urge you to check out her website, and buy a copy of the movie. Be sure to read her blog, and her story of how the Deuce of Spades came to be.

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