We all have our holiday traditions, but if you’re not cooking turkey on a racetrack, you’re missing out. No we’re not talking turkey burgers or even those huge turkey legs you see people sucking on during their track-day visits. We’re talking a traditional Thanksgiving day bird. Although it may seem to be an unlikely place to find one, according to Jalopnik writer Matt Hardigree, trackside makes for quite the turkey and for one hell of an annual event.

The competition for the cook-off was fierce this year, resulting in a tie for first place. Brian Huff, son of the late Bob Huff, who’s legacy is honored by the annual race, decided to cook a traditional family meal of smoked turkey, potatoes and gravy, and stuffing, with an apple crisp for dessert. With nothing prepared prior to the cook-off, Huff used a propane stove top and two smokers to create the entire meal. Now that’s some talent.

In the end, Huff’s meal was a judge favorite. Unfortunately, Huff split his first place win in the cook-off with another team, telling Hardigree that the competition came down to the Cool Whip the other team used.

As you can probably imagine, all that cooking makes for some pretty appetizing smells at the track. As if the race wasn’t tough enough, drivers end up having to battle food cravings as they maneuver around a course filled with a variety of meal preparations. But in the end, everyone is happy participating in the not so ordinary tradition.