We’re big believers that the right (or the wrong, for that matter) wheels-and-tire combination makes or breaks a car. We’ve seen our share of awesome street machines and hot rods that were absolutely stunning…except for a pair of goofy rims or ill-fitting tires. We’re not going to wave the “15-inch or nothing” flag here, but we are going to advocate that finding the right wheel for your ride’s look is paramount to the car’s overall look.

That’s precisely why the gearheads over at Wheel Pros conjured up this pretty in-depth wheel configurator.

This handy dandy web tool allows you to pull up hundreds of different cars from a wide swathe of automakers.

Just select your model year and brand, pick your model, trim level and start browsing through their wheel selection.

Unfortunately, the configurator only goes back to 2005, so we’re basically looking for wheels for our family sedan or our daily driver pickup truck.No matter, as this awesome tool also provides you every last stitch of information about each of their wheels.

So even if you’re looking up some boring grocery-getter, you can be boning up on all the info you’ll need for your chopped and channeled cruiser or raked and raucous street rod.