For those looking to extend the life of their vehicle’s transmission, zMax has been the go-to-product for quite some time. However it may have not been as easily accessible to those interested in purchasing zMax Transmission Formula, but thanks to a couple of major retailers zMax is likely to be found at local merchant.

Kmart and Pepboys Auto are now carrying the 6-ounce containers of the revolutionary zMax Transmission Formula. All Pepboys Auto and Kmart retail locations will be selling this transmission additive. According to documentation provided by zMax this product is designed to work for vehicles without “Sealed Transmissions,” meaning applications where there is no place to add this product.

Of course zMax has documented the results of their product, but prior to purchasing zMax Transmission Formula it is advisable for the vehicle owner to consult their owners manual to confirm the type of transmission used in their vehicle.

According to zMax, their Transmission Formula is designed to both clean and lubricate the internal transmission components. By lubricating the internal components the transmission should provide the user with smooth shifts and reduced wear, which in in turn results in an extended life span for transmission.

By providing the internal components with additional lubrication zMax Transmission Formula aides in averting premature wear of clutches and other internal components. Thanks to an increased availability thanks to Pepboys Auto and Kmart retail locations along with the combined effects of cleansing and lubrication, the end result is improved transmission life.