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PROJECT TRIPLE G: Project Triple G

There is no arguing the fact that we at Chevy Hardcore have always been fans of Chevrolet’s C10 pickup. That popularity is now catching on with the rest of the world, and now that everyone else is learning about the virtues and capabilities of these little haulers, their popularity has skyrocketed.

So, we decided it was finally time for us to build one, but we needed a plan before we could get started. There is no way we can just build a bone-stock pickup – that wouldn’t be Chevy Hardcore’s style. So, Project Triple G is going to be a badass a one-of-a-kind truck.

What we have planned for the build might seem a little daunting, but like all large projects, if you set up an attainable plan of attack, keep reasonable expectations, and make sure you stay on course with your final vision, the end result will be something that you can not only be proud of, but will hopefully be around long enough for you and then your kids to also enjoy.

So check back often for updates about Project Triple G – a Chevy pickup that will accelerate like a racecar, stop like it’s nobody’s business, and corner like it’s on rails.

Project Specs

Vehicle: 1973 Chevy C10
Engine: Tire shredding Hybrid Motown LS
Power Adder: None
Transmission: 4l80E
Suspension: Chassisworks G-Street
Wheels: TBD
Rearend: Chris Alston Fabricated
Brakes: Wilwood

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