The Inside Scoop On Fuel Injection Technology’s EFI-4 And EFI-8 Kits

As the days count down, Fuel Injection Technology or FiTech, is preparing their products for car enthusiasts and hardcore tuners alike. Ken Farrell of FiTech has been making electronic fuel injection systems for the past 15 years and shared some insight on the company’s kit offerings.

FiTech manufactures throttle bodies and a line of fuel injection components that replace carburetors with electronic fuel injection systems. According to Farrell some of the standout benefits of FiTech’s products include: ease of installation, faster startups, and better performance.

EFI-4 and EFI-8 

FiTech has manufactured two different EFI systems. The EFI-4 is a four-injector system that is reliable up to 600 horsepower. The EFI-8 is an eight-injector system that is intended for applications up to 1,200 horsepower.

“What we’ve done is taken the four-barrel conversion EFI system and made it affordable,” said Farrell. “It’s a full featured EFI system with no compromises.” Farrell told us that the atomization is what makes all the power in their product. Check out the video below to see FiTech’s product testing in action.

The atomization process facilitated by FiTech’s patented Swirl Spray technology involves an annular discharge design. What this means is that the system delivers the fuel into the air stream in a circular swinging pattern; this assures complete fuel atomization.

Each injector system is available for street, race, supercharged, turbocharged, and nitrous applications. Notably, each kit features full self-tuning, touch screen controls, dialing altitude, and self-correct.

FiTech’s GO-EFI Control Module

Additionally, Farrell told us that the initial set up is quick and performed with a hand held control module. Each EFI kit includes built-in spark control. This eliminates the need to purchase an aftermarket distributor or capacitive discharge ignition box.

Farrell said no laptop or tuning experience is required. However, he said there is Pro Software for advanced users, should anyone want to forego the factory presets.

“It basically runs your entire engine for you,” said Farrell. “It’s clearly a bargain…all accessories and features are from top notch brands, at half price.”

FiTech’s EFI system installed on a ’57 Chevy Bel Air.

IMG_2699Benefits of FiTech’s Products

Farrell told us that the compact, simple bolt-on unit has very few wires, an internal regulator, and on-board ECU. Another key point he mentioned was that the product has no external boxes or wiring harnesses to put through a car’s firewall. This is a God-send for the builder who wants the modern efficiency and performance capability of an EFI conversion without compromising the look of that tidied up firewall.

The ECU is mounted on the product’s throttle body, eliminating wiring and also having to find a mount point inside the engine bay. On top of that, FiTech’s EFI kits require no welding thereby adding to the product’s ease of installation.

Equally important, Farrell said FiTech has spent the past year and a half testing their products. Tests included endurance tests from road driving, dyno pulls, altitude testing, and cold starts.

“It’s basically a fuel injection system that’s self-contained,” said Farrell.

What we’re more concerned with is quicker starts, faster acceleration, torque, reliability and drivability.     –Ken Farrell

They have tested their products on their shop cars as well as customer cars. Some of the shop cars that were tested include a ’72 340ci Plymouth Cuda, ’79 Pontiac Trans Am, blown ’57 Chevy Bel Air, blown 383ci Chevy Nova, and a ’63 289ci Ford Falcon.

He mentioned FiTech having a team of 19 EFI engineers who helped create the code that is programmed into their EFI products.

“It’s a derivative of the technology that is standard in a brand new car,” said Farrell. “Our products provide reliability, fuel mileage, and an easy user interface.”

Furthermore, he said another benefit of FiTech’s products is that they can be self-tuned. He also mentioned the speed at which the system learns is instantaneous.

FiTech's products installed on a '72 340ci Plymouth Cuda.

An Affordable Alternative

The starting price point for FiTech’s EFI-4 injector system is $995 while the EFI-8 injector system kit will be retailing for $1,495.

“We source and supply everything on our own,” said Farrell. “From injectors to PCV, we write the code and build it for under $1,000.”

Farrell said he wants FiTech to give value to their customers. He said that just because the EFI-4 system is $995 doesn’t mean it will be blown away by other more expensive systems.

FiTech’s Fuel Command Center

“Our EFI system is feature for feature, quality and power-wise comparable to $2,000-$2,500 EFI systems,” said Farrell. “The high price for all the necessary components is not a viable solution for the average guy.”

On the same note, he said people have been expected to fork out at least $2,000 for modifications. These modifications include changes to their car’s fuel system, gas tank, tons of wiring, fuel regulator, and external fuel pumps.

With each FiTech product, we can envision a vehicle with a reliable, high-performing electronic fuel injection system. Farrell’s points make it clear that FiTech is aiming to be a mainstay in the electronic fuel injection industry, giving customers not only a great product, but also an affordable one.

Click here to see more information regarding FiTech’s upcoming products.

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