Our Babe Of The Month: The Beautiful Miss Christini Martini

The lovely Miss Christini Martini is our Babe of the Month pin-up for December 2018! Not only does she love old school fashion, but digs cars, music and hot rod culture!

It’s hard to believe 2018 is almost over. Hope you enjoyed all the lovely pinups and classic ladies we featured each and every month. Our lovely December Babe of the Month is the one and only Christini Martini. This classic pinup is taking over and has big plans for 2019. Read about her recent travel adventures to Mooneyes Japan and what’s next in store for her

Christini Martini

I possess the characteristics of the water sign. A friendly, creative, intuitive, giving person, with the empathetic nature of a Pisces. I always enjoy lending a helping hand with a smile. I can also be a sensitive stubborn, emotional procrastinator who is a day dreamer in love with love.

I am a California native. Not only was I born there, but I currently reside in the quaint little town of Goleta, California. It’s known for its gorgeous Pacific Ocean coastline and abundant orchards of lemons, walnuts and avocados. Located five miles north of Santa Barbara, it’s truly a hidden gem.

How did you get into pinup?
After seeing the images from the Ink and Iron Pinup Pageant, I got the courage to enter my first pinup pageant held in Santa Barbara, last Fourth of July weekend.  Not only did it include an appearance in our local parade but it was a fundraiser for our local veterans. Inexperienced and nervous, I entered it without any expectations, just to have fun while giving back to my local community.

I felt it was a good personal challenge to overcome a fear of public speaking and anxiety and boy, that was the day Christini Martini was born. I fell in love with the community.

From the beautiful ladies, as well as the femininity of the vintage style, it gave me the confidence I so needed at that time in my life. The adrenaline rush of participating that day that led me to enter 18 pageants in a 16 month period, proudly I can say I placed in 13 of those pageants.

Tell us about your first pinup shoot?
After researching top pin up photographers in the area, I booked a shoot with Mitzi and Co. at Ink and Iron in Long Beach.

Do you have a favorite Car show or event you like to attend?

I truly have a love and need for speed and Mooneyes Xmas Party, the Bonneville Salt Flats and the NHRA Winter Nationals have always been my favorites to attend. I am blessed to be given the opportunity to travel and attend Mooneyes in Japan. The hospitality and genuine love for the car culture and vintage lifestyle made my experience unforgettable and have vowed to attend each upcoming year.

You recently traveled to Japan tell us about your trip?
Once again, I am completely impressed with the efficiency, cleanliness and respect from the people of Japan. It’s the culture and beauty I admire. Each year,  I look forward to making new memories, experiences and making lifelong friendships. I find cultural differences and language barriers are broken by the mutual love and appreciation of the car culture. I am thrilled to establish international friendships that originated in Japan.

My last evening was memorable. A hidden, smoke filled dive bar in birthday celebration of two friends.  The whimsical alley of Harajuku is laced with animal cafes and huge cotton candy vendors so big you can wear them as a hat!  Good memories that put a smile on my face and make me look forward to next year.

Any show plans for 2019?
The new year is going to start off with a bang as I am honored to host Grand National Roadster Show Trophy Girl Pageant in January.  Followed by anticipation of witnessing my first Race of the Gentleman in my town of Santa Barbara this March. The ability to take a step back in time at RPM Nationals or feel like I’m walking on the moon on the Bonneville Salt Flats, continues to grow the love, admiration and respect I have for the people in the car culture.

Tell us about that and what your plans are for next year?
Awww my biggest accomplishment of 2018 was only made possible with my support system of business owners and vendors I have built great friendships with throughout the years. My home town of Goleta asked me to produce the first pageant at her local lemon festival, in pure Christini Martini mode I decided to make it into a fundraiser to benefit the Unity Shoppe.

The Unity Shoppe is close to my heart because at one point in my life, I was in need of their services and I thought this platform would be an excellent way to give back to those in need, as currently our city is still recovering from the floods and fires.

The hard work and efforts of my 12 Lemon Ladies selling raffle tickets, making TV and radio appearances exceeded the challenge of raising $1500.  I envisioned my pageant to be an upbeat, positive and most of all, a fun show.

I can truly say, it was the highlight of my year,  as I felt amazing to hand a check for almost $2000 to the unity shoppe and I truly look forward to what next year will bring as my wheels are already turning with ideas!!
So please stay tuned for the 2nd annual Goleta Lemon Festival. I am also going to promote and implement further production of Organized events as I officially started my own LLC and have some ideas brewing.

What’s your favorite classic car?
As I’ve always felt and enjoyed the smooth lines and look of the ’51 Mercury. I have to say the car symbolizes more to me now than ever. This year my cousin Michael Castillo lost his battle to cancer. His ’51 Merc and Riviera were two cars that I would always look forward to seeing at all my local car shows.

Ironically, this year the raffle car featured at Ventura nationals happened to be almost identical replication of my cousins Riviera, which left me standing with chills and brought tears to my eyes when I saw it in person, as I truly believe he was there at the show.

Boy do I miss him.

Any family in to classic cars?
I was a girl surrounded by men who not only worked on cars, but restored and collected them, so my love of vintage style begins well before I could even remember.
I am just fortunate that the pinup scene brings me back to my roots of cars, racing and of course, the classic look of hot rod culture.

Where can we see more of Christini Martini?
Well you can always find me on Facebook and Instagram
My Website will be live in 2018

What’s your plans for the  holidays?
I am looking forward to have my son home from his first year of college and take a trip up to see my sister in Oregon as I can’t wait to spoil my five beautiful nieces. Doing what I love most is spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite part about the holidays?
I would say my consistent traditions that I have with my family that involve anything from making tamales, going to church, or wrapping presents. We love listening to Motown and drinking cocktails with my dad. I love spoiling my family with a good meal next to the fireplace and opening presents. Those are just a few little things that make me smile and look forward to every year.

Favorite holiday cocktail?
It is the time of year you won’t see me with a martini in my hand, as I replace it with a glass of champagne to toast all my wonderful memories made throughout the year and encourage personal growth for the future.

Favorite holiday themed park to visit
As cliche as it sounds, Walt Disney Parks are a favorite of mine all year long, as I feel I can step back in time and be a kid again.  A little known fact is my husband proposed to me at the Wishing Well 22 years ago and we also had a Minnie and Mickey themed Wedding!!

Favorite way to celebrate the New Year?
I was able to see Dita Von Teese perform live in Hollywood performing her iconic Martini performance  and meet another famous Burlesque performer named The Dirty Martini. So you can say Christini Martini enjoys spending her New Year’s Eve in pure Martini fashion a little dirty, little sexy, a little sassy and classy, but always memorable

What’s your New Year’s Resolution ?
I have to say this past year has brought so many challenges and life changes. But I am a survivor and came back stronger, as I have many ideas planned. I have a new business so I enrolled in a business course to help me get started. When life gives you lemons, you turn it into a Christini Martini!



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Mitzi is a Southern California gal who loves shooting classic cars with pinup girls. You may have seen some of her work featured in a number of publications or in the pinup calendar she produces every year that is sold worldwide. She loves traveling to different car shows around the world and have been fortunate to visit places like Japan and Australia.
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