Peter Vincent’s New Book Chronicles 20 Years Of Bonneville

Postcard-4-webPeter Vincent is a veteran photographer with over 40 years experience. Here is a quick excerpt from his website that serves as a look at what his work represents, “For the past twenty years, I have focused on the unique American Hot Rod culture, an interest of mine since grade school days in California. My work and visual interests have centered on the land speed racing culture, which, not surprisingly, was, and is, at the roots of hot rod culture.”

Over twenty years of photographing the infamous Bonneville Salt Flats has culminated into a recently published compilation of photos detailing the area’s landscape and those who have beckoned its call to alleviate the notorious “salt fever.”

GrnGrenadeBvbgThe salt flats are iconic and rooted in the essence of the golden era of hot rodding. The beautiful landscape has always offered one of the most serene and ideal places to test the limits of various auto crafts from jet propelled streamliners and bikes to good old hot rods.

In August, one of the largest gatherings of individuals attempt to break various class records during Bonneville Speed Week. Peter Vincent has made a religious effort to photograph and document the evolution of the culture that surrounds the salt flats. Read on for some information on his new book.

Vincent says, “I have yet to run out of inspiration with the landscape and the people. The minimal and formalistic nature of this area of the country keeps pulling me further and further into the strange interchange it has with the subculture. I do not miss this gathering, ever. I respect the builders and the racers as much as the artists, so it is a blending of the genres. I have also driven the course twice, which helped me to understand that driving passion, or ‘salt fever.’”

Photo Courtesy: Peter Vincent

His new book, The Bonneville Salt Flats: Two Decades of Photography by Peter Vincent is a 272 page anthology that focuses on both the natural wonder of the landscape and the crowds that flock to the area with their mild to out-of-this-world vehicles in order to set world speed records.

DRMbgThe standard version of the book is a jacketed hardcover priced at $85 retail + S&H. A special edition of 149 autographed and hand numbered copies was also pressed which is available for $300 retail + S&H. The special edition comes with a protective slipcase and includes a limited edition print on archival stock.

“Highlights of the book include: written pieces by artist Tom Fritz and racer Ron Joliffe, an interview with Bonneville regular Denis Varni, Al Teague’s Streamliner, George Poteet’s “Speed Demon” and “Blowfish”, Nolan White’s stremliner, Vern Tardel’s racing team, Jim Travis’ “Pumpkin Seed”, Jeff Brock’s “Bombshell Betty”, and more.

Visit Peter Vincent’s Homepage for more information and to get a sense of his photography which is both breathtaking and a poignant representation of the evolution of car culture.KowalskiPit1BW-e1382657743966

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